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What’s up fam?

I’m writing today to talk about all of the benefits of thrusting myself into the podcast world. Having to talk for at least an hour a week, LIVE on the internet, with hundreds of people watching/listening has immensely enhanced my life.

I’d like to think that I was always able to articulate what was on my mind, speak clearly and honestly, and not say anything too insane that could come back and bite me in the ass. After listening to myself back on the very first episode of the show, I was stunned at all of my verbal ticks and how poorly I was able to move from topic to topic.

Being a strong conversationalist is one of the best skills a person can have and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to hone in on that ability. What’s crazier is not realizing how bad you are at it until you hear yourself recorded.

I suppose the main purpose of this post is to invite you to be more aware of how you portray yourself in conversation. How well do you listen? How well can you build on what is already being said? How do you shift into something that you think is more interesting? It may be difficult to be completely honest with yourself until you hear yourself recorded, but the least you can do is shift your awareness. Watch out for patterns that you run, intentionally break them and find interest in other people.

Thank you all for listening to the show and I can’t wait to continue to learn more about myself and grow as a podcast host. Take it easy!

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