Lessons On The Job

There are so many things I love about my job. I thought that I was good at it for a while, but the better I get, the more I realize I can improve. Lately, these improvements haven't been technical, but more with my ability to connect with the audience. To set the scene, I am usually performing in pubs where most of the people are there to hang out with their mates or potentially make some new friends. People in my position are usually there to set the mood and be a bit of a novelty to everyone's evenings. I have been working on being the reason people are enjoying their nights. I've been able to command a crowd for some time, but only when they give me some energy to start with was I able to convert a whole night of high energy, outpouring of music. 

What I failed to realize before, is that everyone wants to have a good time. Everyone wants to try to enjoy as many moments to their fullest potential on a regular basis. Sometimes it can take people a while to come out of their shell, but it is in fact my job to get them there. I've been putting my guards down, giving people a taste of what it's like in my world, and delivering the tunes with as much passion as my body can handle. 

The results have been staggering so far. I have played alongside female performers who have a real gift at getting people excited about being at whatever establishment we are performing, but I have always felt that if I were to demand people's attention, that it would be much more invasive. I couldn't have been more wrong. 

In these blog posts, instead of just saying things about myself, I would like to offer advice to any different folk who may be reading this. To performers/musicians: always bring your best energy to the table at every performance, whether people are there to see you or not. You wouldn't believe how many people will start showing up to see you after you engage everyone and give them a setting that makes them believe they are where they need to be to have the best time. Not to mention, once you are able to connect with them, they're on your side all night. Making your job easier. 

To anyone reading this who doesn't perform, but wants to succeed in the workplace or in their personal lives, you need to be just as passionate to accomplish your goals in life. I know this isn't the best of parallels, but I do know that you don't need a microphone to be someone who is confident enough to engage with others and show them that you are an entity of your own. Whether you're trying to meet new people, achieve fitness goals, or beat deadlines at your job, you have to bring it at all times if you ever want to truly be satisfied. Even if you aren't one who particularly cares about being "popular" or having a ton of connections, the level of accomplishment you will feel from giving it your all, no matter the consequences is definitely worth the risk of getting shot down. Live how you want to live and the rest will fall into place. 

Jordan ShermanComment